Wei Planning Commission: the new maternity beds 89 thousand ease "hard to find a bed"

Xinhua news agency, Beijing, steel chamfer September 27 Xinhua (reporter Hu Hao) in response to the growing demand for rapid growth, "a difficult problem, the national health and Family Planning Commission 27 deployed to strengthen the whole family basic health care services, and strive to put forward to increase maternity beds 89 thousand, increase production of doctors, midwives in 140 thousand," 13th Five-Year "the general solution of maternal and child health services resources shortage and structural shortage contradiction between supply and demand. The State Planning Commission deputy director Ma Xiaowei in the whole family to strengthen basic health care services for television and telephone conference pointed out that the comprehensive two child policy implemented for half a year, growing demand for rapid growth, inadequate supply of high-quality resources, professional and technical personnel shortage, the maternal mortality rate increased, the number of maternal and child health services, quality and service resources are facing new challenges. To this end, he stressed, to force from the supply side, as soon as possible to complete the resources, to meet the needs of the masses. Medical institutions should make full use of existing resources, ward equipment, through the Department, the Department of adjusting beds etc., as soon as possible expansion of maternity beds. To accelerate the implementation of maternal and child health and family planning service project to strengthen the construction of three levels of maternal and child health care institutions of province, city and county, improve the ability to obstetric services at the county hospital construction projects, new maternity beds 89 thousand. At the same time, to strengthen the cultivation of talents, and strive to "obstetricians and midwives 140 thousand increase in 13th Five-Year" period, in terms of the performance wage distribution of internal obstetricians, midwives and nurses to tilt. In order to ensure the safety of mother and child, the State Health Planning Commission requirements, strengthen consultation and service before birth, strengthen risk assessment and management of pregnancy, build family service chain. By the end of 2017, at the provincial level shall set up a number of critical maternal and neonatal treatment center, city and county two are provided with at least 1 critically ill pregnant women treatment centers and 1 neonatal treatment center. ferrule insert

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The world cancer research: "multi speed" at the break

Xinhua news agency, Beijing, September 27, features: global cancer research "multi speed" at the break Xinhua News Agency reporter At the beginning of this year, President Obama announced the launch of anticancer "Moon", on the basis of the existing requirements, within two years for cancer research into $1 billion, the target was to make progress in cancer research has been doubled, the original 10 years to get the results in 5 years. Earlier this month, the U.S. cancer experts composed of "blue ribbon Advisory Committee", "Moon" in cancer immunotherapy, data sharing and network were set up ten key areas of investment, accelerate cancer research. The scientific progress of cancer research has the foundation of speeding, can see the dawn of human cancer. The anti-cancer "Moon" as the representative, in recent years, the research of the developed countries to increase support against cancer, breakthroughs in genomics, immunotherapy, gene editing in several directions. <strong> At the moment a major breakthrough in cancer research</strong> In early 1971, when U.S. President Nixon proposed a "war on cancer". But over the past 40 years, is still not a cancer can be cured, cancer has become a common and frequently occurring disease. According to the WHO statistics, number of cancer patients in the world is increasing at an alarming rate. In 2012, the global new cancer cases is about 14 million cases, is expected in 20 years that number will rise to 22 million. The Obama administration now mention the anti-cancer "Moon", because of medical advances and let people see the dawn of cancer. The leadership of the project vice president Biden in an interpretation of the article said, cancer research basically reached a consensus on this issue, "we are at a turning point, science is ready". Biden said that in the past 10 years, the medical profession in the aspects of genomics, cancer immunotherapy, virus therapy and combination therapy have made amazing progress ", and in front of people's task is to break the barrier, do everything possible to accelerate the pace of progress in cancer research. Not only the United States and other developed countries in recent years also increased cancer research investment. For example, Germany in 2012 formally established the "cancer translational research alliance". The alliance established by the German Cancer Research Center and 7 other institutions, constitute a powerful German cancer research network, aims to further strengthen basic research into clinical application, help cancer prevention, early diagnosis and treatment. <strong> From the "radical" cancer gene</strong> A large number of scientific studies have confirmed that most of the tumor is caused by genetic and environmental factors and infection, and genetic damage from start. Therefore, understanding the gene and carcinogenesis, and then try to "modify" caused by cancer genes is considered "the effective way to cure cancer. At present, the tumor genome research in the world has completed the panoramic scanning of 20 kinds of common human tumor. But scientists believe that the massive data resulting in only a small amount of real change will lead to tumor, how to identify mutations in these key and use that to help the patient, is facing the challenges of cancer research. Therefore, analysis of gene expression data with University of Tokyo in Japan with artificial intelligence "Watson" computer, researchers believe that artificial intelligence and big data analysis can provide necessary information for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer at a very fast speed and high accuracy for the diagnosis and treatment level of genes essential from cancer, The cancer genome is gradually toward clinical applications for cancer at the genetic level can achieve more early detection, classification, prognosis, and provide scientific basis for medication guide. In addition to preventing cancer detection, using genomic techniques, the use of gene editing technique for the treatment of cancer is in its infancy. Known as the "CRISPR genome editing technology gene scissors" is the first, modifying the genome tools for biomedical history, accurate, low cost and convenient operation etc.. Although it has only 4 years of time, has been the U.S. "science" magazine in 2012 and 2013 two named ten breakthrough, in 2015 it is selected as the "number one breakthrough year". In June 2016, the National Institutes of health an advisory committee approved the first human clinical trials using CRISPR gene editing technology to treat cancer, let the biomedical technology of current concern from clinical trials only the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved a step away. <strong> Immunotherapy prospects</strong> The origin of cancer immunotherapy can be traced back to the last century at the end of 80s. When the French scientist James Allison discovered the surface of human blood in T cells is called a CTLA4 molecule, it will prevent T cells to attack the "invaders", plays a similar role to brake. But until 1996, Allison was using mice confirmed that the bound blocking CTLA4 will lift the T cells are, the best against cancer cells. Allison and almost at the same time, Japan's Kyoto University professor Moto Woo discovered T cells on another "brake" molecular PD 1. The first clinical trial in 2006 involving the molecular start, preliminary results obtained from a small number of patients in the therapy, anti PD1 application prospect is exciting. With the development of immunology, the medical community to understand our in vivo B cells, T cells, NK cells and other immune cells have the potential to eliminate cancer cells, if some of the "bound" to remove these immune cells or make them precise targeting of cancer cells, can make the cancer, which is immune to cancer therapy. Although the immune therapy currently limited in scope and have some side effects, but it is not as some media reports said that "in foreign countries has been eliminated, and by the medical profession as a cutting-edge technology for the capture of human cancer. In the United States "Moon" in cancer immunotherapy is a key field; Cancer Research UK announced last year that, if everything goes smoothly, is expected to replace even immunotherapy chemotherapy has become the standard treatment of cancer; the U.S. "science" magazine in 2013 will be the immunotherapy of cancer named the year ten scientific breakthroughs; 2011, Nobel prize in physiology or medicine went to immunotherapy. "Science" magazine that the cancer research community has experienced great changes in 2013, because of cancer immunotherapy is brewing for decades, finally determine its potential, showed encouraging results in clinical trials. <strong> China's rapid progress in cancer research</strong> The world cancer research trend, the rapid progress of Chinese. Since 2012, in the "12th Five-Year 863 Plan" under the support of Chinese scientists in the major projects of major disease genome technology "of the 12, with the tumor as the research object, research on 12 types of tumor, provide technical support and basic data for tumor molecular typing and individualized treatment. According to reports Chinese academician Yang Huanming tumor genome consortium, including gastric cancer, colorectal cancer, esophageal cancer, liver cancer and nasopharyngeal carcinoma, 5 tumors joined the International Cancer Genome Consortium, has become an important part of the large international cancer program. As of now, the major projects in a variety of cancer has made a preliminary but has the guiding significance of scientific research, published a series of papers in the international authoritative journal. The world's largest "gene factory" BGI Shenzhen since 1999 to carry out cancer genomics research. "One can detect 508 tumor related genes in the current technology, interpretation of 88 kinds of cancer drugs, comprehensive and accurate interpretation of the relationship between tumor drug and gene gene, according to the information of patients, help doctors choose the appropriate drugs for patients, individualized treatment plan," Wang Jian Dean BGI said. In the field of immunotherapy, director of Department of Xiangya Hospital of Central South University oncology professor Zhong Meizuo introduction, China also demonstrated extensive clinical study of immunotherapy. In the world, the treatment of immune cells only validated clinical stage three is the dendritic cell vaccine approved in the United States in 2010 for the treatment of steroid resistant prostate cancer, Chinese also has a project in the three phase of clinical trials. (reporter: Liu Qu, in Lin Xiaochun, Huayi, Guo Yang) shuttering magnet

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Experts recommend smitten screening for cardiovascular disease in high-risk population

Beijing September 27 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Dong Zichang) 2016 world heart day media event held in Beijing 27. National Cardiovascular Center released data show that China die from cardiovascular disease every year, the number of 3 million 500 thousand, lifting clutches average every 10 seconds, 1 people died of cardiovascular disease. The experts agreed that the focus to strike out the risk stratification of cardiovascular risk, screening out of the crowd, is the key to solve the Chinese facing severe cardiovascular disease situation. To implement the "health Chinese 2030" planning is an important part of cardiovascular prevention. The Department of Cardiology of No.1 Hospital of Peking University and heart center director Huo Yong said, in order to achieve this vision, Chinese faced two major problems. One is the public awareness of disease prevention and control, performance for the high risk of cardiovascular disease screening rate is low, "three high" control compliance rate is low, the low rate of high-risk drug. The two is the imbalance of medical resources, the need for further promotion of grading treatment. In order to enhance public awareness of the risk of cardiovascular risk screening, Huo Yong suggestions from four aspects: one is to carry out the mass prevention knowledge propaganda, let more people pay attention to the risk of cardiovascular disease. The World Heart Federation Organization advocates countries in the light of the world famous buildings on the red world heart day on September 29th, with the representative of heart color, to remind the public attention to heart health, wake up the public awareness on cardiovascular disease prevention; two is to promote the management of high-risk screening, conventional cardiovascular risk screening encourages patients the doctor, let more people understand their risk of cardiovascular disease, and to enhance the public cognitive level of risk management; three is the doctor "China groups to promote the prevention of cardiovascular disease guide", clinical guidance and attention to strengthening a level two cardiovascular disease prevention; four is to continue to strengthen the education of doctors and patients. At the meeting, the deputy director of the Peking University People's Hospital heart center Sun Ningling announced the progress of cardiovascular risk screening project. The project started in May 2015, by the research center of the State Planning Commission, leading the development of medical science and technology development, Bayer healthcare support. As of September 11, 2016, has screened more than 700 thousand patients, covering 542 hospitals, doctors will be held more than and 400 field study. Sun Ningling pointed out that the screening results once again confirms the prevention of cardiovascular disease in aspects of screening for no previous history of cardiovascular disease population, found that over 50 years of age three high incidence was significantly higher than the population under the age of 50. Screening for over 50 years with hypertension is associated with 5 other risk factors (smoking, family history of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, obesity) statistics show that over 90% of the patients with at least one risk factor. She believes that with more risk factors, the greater the harm to health, high-risk groups is the core group of primary prevention, these high-risk groups require the use of antiplatelet drugs under the guidance of professional doctors. (end) scaffolding parts

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The man bent 87 degrees "humpback spinal osteotomy breaking straight 16 cm tall

- reporter Zhu Danhua Fuzhou evening news Quanzhou Zhong was found suffering from ankylosing spondylitis for 20 years, swivel coupler gradually bent into a "spinal dorsal hunchback". He recently at the Fujian Medical University Affiliated Hospital Department of orthopedics received orthopedic spinal surgery on two osteotomy, cuplock scaffolding a 16 cm tall. 20 years ago, the 19 year old Mr. Zhong intermittent backache, the doctor diagnosed he suffered from ankylosing spondylitis. With the development of the illness, his spine more pain, more and more curved, the hump. Over the years, he was unable to sleep flat straight spine not suppressed, walking to see road, when talking with family members cannot eye, labor ability is severely restricted, the quality of life is very poor. Earlier this month Mr Chung to the Xiehe Hospital Department of orthopedics. His spine bent forward has reached 87 degrees, severe rigid was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis caused by kyphosis. Spinal pedicle vertebral osteotomy can correct 35 degrees to 40 degrees, to achieve "the rise and Mr. Zhong lie flat" desire, Department of orthopedics, Professor Liu Wenji believes that through two pedicle vertebral osteotomy for correction. The so-called pedicle vertebral osteotomy surgery, is the first to spinal pedicle nail row two titanium nails fixed on the spine cut a piece of triangular bone, then the closure section, head is straight. After the operation, Mr. bell was hunched "straightened", forward inclination of only 10 degrees, one week after operation to wearing a brace can walk, look straight ahead, see street building panorama, lying on the bed, do not want to turn over to sit up. Professor Liu Wenji said, ankylosing spondylitis is also known as "die of cancer", is a kind of intervertebral joint, ligament ossification and systemic osteoporosis characterized by chronic inflammatory diseases, patients prone to fracture, serious consequences. He warned that such patients should be early prevention, early diagnosis and early treatment, prevention of disability. swivel coupler

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Yunnan Province Hospital Medical Alliance wisdom wisdom to build the hospital model

Beijing September 27 Kunming Xinhua (reporter Ma Qian) 27, the first people's Hospital of Yunnan Medical Association and wisdom alliance, anchor nut jointly invest in the establishment of the first people's Hospital of Yunnan province Lenovo wisdom Medical Research Institute, and the opening scene. The first people's Hospital of Yunnan Province, Dean Jiang Lihong introduction, medical wisdom mainly includes three aspects: the wisdom of the hospital, the goal is to optimize the medical process, do pre hospital, hospital, Institute of comprehensive care; improve the medical quality, to be more intelligent, more comprehensive hospital management; part of the smart home health system, this is smart home health system in the future trend. For example, point of care system, family health care system, health electronic files family system. "Through the construction of the wisdom of the hospital, enhance the hospital business ability, optimize the allocation of resources, and fundamentally enhance the efficiency of hospital management." "The construction of a new generation of intelligent hospital, is the transformation of domestic treatment processes based on best practices, better service for patients." Jiang Lihong said that the construction of the wisdom of the hospital, will bring great convenience to patients. The hospital will further improve the real name system for booking stored outpatient service system and self-service machine, patients only need to apply for a real medical card, and the card to deposit a certain amount, registration, buy medicine and inspection is no longer queuing to pay, prepaid card payment can be paid directly. Even through the other relatives and friends to pay and pay the fee for patients, to create a more convenient medical treatment processes. The exploration of the major hospitals in Yunnan are combined with their respective advantages of "Internet plus", to high-quality medical resources to radiation in remote areas." Yunnan provincial health and Family Planning Commission Director Li Malin said, "the medicine enterprise cooperation, the two sides will give full play to their respective advantages, informationization as the starting point, realize the optimization and reengineering of hospital business process in Yunnan Province, together to create a new generation of smart hospital" model, accelerate the transformation to the wisdom of the hospital. In addition, the first people's Hospital of Yunnan province is doing the doctor-patient communication platform, to enhance the efficiency and quality of doctor-patient communication, save communication costs, improve patient experience and doctor-patient relationship. In 2014, Lenovo and the First Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University jointly established the "Wenzhou Medical University Lenovo wisdom Medical Research Institute" to create a well-known medical information model "Wenzhou Medical model". Lenovo and the first people's Hospital of medical wisdom and Yunnan Province jointly set up the "wisdom of Medical Research Institute", in addition to Lenovo medical wisdom is copied to the first people's Hospital of Yunnan province's information construction work in Chinese and foreign successful experience in a hospital of Wenzhou medical informatization construction, will also be combined with the actual Yunnan to carry out medical conjoined construction work, and constantly promote the innovation and development of information construction. (end) swift lift anchors

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Nutritionist: foot stick autumn fat is good for the winter is not "fill a big fat"

In mid September, swivel coupler rain, the temperature is much lower than before, people put on pants and long sleeved, greet the autumn chill. At this time, many people used to stick autumn fat, stick autumn fat foot good winter ", from the literal meaning, is to let the body flesh, in order to resist the cold winter, is it really so? "People often say that the stick autumn fat is not pure flesh, but his body is adjusted to a better state." Nutritionist Zhong Anjun to a hospital in Zigong said. A year after autumn will Codonopsis stew duck soup The beginning of autumn August 7th, Mr. Chen has a large family in accordance with the usual habits, stew pot dangshen duck soup, according to Mr. Chen, every year to the beginning of autumn season, one family sitting together, eat a pot of reeky duck soup, this habit has been more than 10 years. Stick autumn fat is the older generation handed down, should also have the reason." Mr. Chen was a child, only occasionally hear about the old stick autumn fat "on the second grade, the fall of the year, the first time to stick autumn fat has a deep impression. That year autumn, father bought dangshen, Chinese wolfberry, red dates and other supplements, and duck stew, the soup is really delicious, until now, the impression is very deep." Nutritionist doubts stick autumn fat is not long fat Stick autumn fat was first popular in the North Chinese, Qing Dynasty, popular in the V day suspension scale, compared with the beginning of autumn when the weight to test it. Because people in the dog days of poor appetite, many people will become thin. So, after the summer to fill, so choose to stick autumn fat in the autumn day. Ordinary people eat stew, good conditions for people to eat white meat, Braised pork in brown sauce, braised fish in soy sauce. Autumn is the harvest season, therefore, people generally choose to fill the body in the autumn. If to understand the "autumn fat" from the literal meaning, can literally fall fat. According to the traditional view, hot summer, eat, sleep, weight will inevitably fall; after the beginning of autumn, quickly stew tonic, to take off the meat back to the summer, this is the stick autumn fat". But now, most people want to be thinner, the stick autumn fat that a contemptuous disregard. Nutritionist Zhong Anjun said a hospital of Zigong City, stick autumn fat is not only a stick of fat, after a hot summer, and autumn, the weather gradually dried up, at this time, need to nourish the lung, "not simply from the literal to understand the meaning of stick autumn fat, from the nutritional point of view, but to the body adjusts to a relatively good state, so as not to enter the winter, cold wind blows." Ziyinrunfei stick autumn fat to balanced diet collocation Zhong Anjun said, after the beginning of autumn, the diet is mainly to light, three meals a day, a law degree, dietary collocation is balanced, the body from summer into autumn, from hot to cold need to adapt to the process, not suddenly change, so as not to cause discomfort. The choice of food, you can eat some nourishing Yin Runfei food, such as pears, sweet potato, white fungus soup, soft shelled turtle, can also use these food collocation, such as pear white fungus soup. In addition, proper exercise is also necessary, however, exercise should not be fierce, "sweating slightly feeling on it." Zhong Anjun said. There are two types of people for stick autumn fat. Spleen deficiency cold people, is afraid of the cold, cold hands and feet, limbs numbness, loose stool, such people autumn tonic to spleen dampness dispelling cold, need warm food, such as tuckahoe, yam, beans, red dates, ginger etc.. The damp heat, sweating, performance is often very afraid of the heat, Tanliang, tonic principle of them is dampness heat, to cool the plain food is appropriate, such as melon, mung bean, red bean, towel gourd, etc.. Huaxi City Reader reporter Chen Boqiang pfeifer vs box

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Chongqing proposed legislation to protect the rural water supply development

Beijing In September 27, lifting clutches Chongqing (Zhong Yi) 27 reporters from Chongqing city four twenty-eighth meeting of the NPC Standing Committee was informed that on the same day, cuplock scaffolding "Chongqing city water supply Ordinance (Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as the bill) for the first time to the meeting. The bill is made clear in the rural water supply project planning and construction, property rights and protection, water and water quality, water supply and water price mechanism etc.. "" 11th Five-Year "since, Chongqing rural drinking water safety aspects of a total investment of 10 billion 955 million yuan. As of the end of 2015, the completion of various types of rural water supply project 509 thousand and 100, the design of water supply capacity of 3 million 795 thousand cubic meters, the design of the water supply population of 23 million 70 thousand people, the actual water supply household population of 18 million 380 thousand people." The director of the Chongqing Municipal People's Congress Committee member Aman Chang said, Chongqing has basically formed a town to large-scale water supply, the pattern of rural water supply to small centralized and decentralized water supply in rural areas, the basic solution to "drink", has been transferred to consolidate and strengthen the management of stage. "The bill according to the attribute definition of rural water supply project, to make the standard of water supply planning and construction management of towns and villages, clear property rights and protection of rural water supply project, the government should play a leading role." Aman Chang said. According to the "Chongqing rural water supply engineering scale is generally small, water treatment facilities under special circumstances, different bill requirements on water quality of rural water supply." Aman Chang said the bill is clear, the new scale of water supply engineering quality shall comply with national health standards for drinking water. The existing large-scale water supply project water quality does not meet the standard, should be timely renewal, the deadline to achieve the standard. Small central water supply project, decentralized water supply project should continuously improve water quality, and gradually reach the standard. In the aspect of the relationship between water supply and demand and price mechanism, the bill provides that the water supply units shall not stop water free, clear the temporary stop water supply time and emergency water supply measures, also is needed for water exit operation procedures. In addition, in order to deal with the emergency water supply, water supply requirements of counties to develop contingency plans, establish emergency response mechanism. At the same time, the bill also measure on rural water supply and pricing principles for the provision for rural water supply price, by using water and water supply water pipe built from the agreement of both parties, in principle by the water supply to the parties, other government pricing or government guidance, encourage a unified price. swivel coupler

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Sugary drinks: drink a pot of sugar high sugar drinks is equivalent to eating one or two sugar

Recently, from the American Heart Association (AHA) is a new science report showed that 2 to 18 years old children's daily intake of sugar should not exceed 25 grams. In the post show, cast in sockets with the increase of sugar intake, the incidence of children's hypertension, coronary heart disease and insulin resistance is greater. In our daily life, although many parents deliberately avoid giving children sweets, but when the children drank a bottle of beverage, it is necessary to pay attention to, their sugar intake may already exceed the standard. <strong> Case</strong> A lot of little sugar drink. Lee's daughter is 6 years old this year, has reached the age of teeth. But the children eat sugar drink sweet drinks, has become a headache to Ms. lee. "Every time I go to the supermarket, certainly to drink carbonated drinks and select, drinks are." Ms. Lee said, probably because the steam drinks taste good, but stubborn child, so every time for children to buy a bottle of drink. Every time, the little guy can kill half a bottle of breath. Later, I heard that drinking soda is good for the body, Ms. Lee also bought a lot of soda water, the children of a vanilla is also very love, one can drink a pot. "Because the soda water is good to the body, so I bought a lot, did not control the child to drink." But recently, Ms. Lee found that depressed children often drink the sweet soda sugar content is not less than the Sprite cola where. <strong> Problem 1</strong> Sugar content does not indicate the most beverage label The reporter saw a supermarket in the beverage shelves, many shelves of beverage type, including imported drinks, the more common are carbonated drinks, tea drinks, juice drinks, protein drinks etc.. In these drinks, many beverage composition table marked calorie, protein, fat and carbohydrate content, except for a few drinks in the nutrient composition table (NRV) were marked with the sugar content, and nutritional components of many beverage bottles and no marked sugar content. <strong> Problem 2</strong> The nutrient composition content of the standard is not unified A lot of nutrients in the boxes of beverage bottles, marked the content of every 100 ml of nutrients, but also some composition table annotation is contained in each nutrient composition. Carbonated drinks in different, there is a weight of 330 ml, the nutrition labeling per 100 ml contains 10 grams of sugar, and another 355 ml of carbonated drinks, nutrition of the table shows each (355 ml) contains 48 grams of sugar. <strong> Problem 3</strong> Carbohydrate is not equal to the sugar Although some nutrients in the boxes of beverage bottles marked only the content of carbohydrate content, but they can be equated to sugar? Reporters noted that most of the beverages, such as carbonated drinks, weight and sugar carbohydrates in the weight of the same, and in some protein drinks and tea drinks, both of which there are still some differences. In a tea beverage, carbohydrate content per 100 ml of 4.5 grams, 4.2 grams of sugar content. In another protein beverage (230 ml), each containing 28 grams of carbohydrates, sugar content is 27 grams. Doubts Why drink so sweet? Fan Zhihong, associate professor of food science and Nutritional Engineering, China Agricultural University in an interview when he introduced the carbohydrate in the beverage ingredients is the original carbohydrate and add sugar sweeteners sum. Including starch, sucrose, fructose, glucose, maltose, lactose and other carbohydrates can absorb all human species. If milk drinks, carbohydrates including lactose. If is the fruit and vegetable juice, including fruits and vegetables originally containing sucrose, fructose and glucose. In general, light sweet drinks sugar content is 4% to 5%, and the sugar content of normal sweetness is 8% to 11% drinks. That is to say, if a bottle of beverage volume is 500 ml, then the light sweet drinks, which contain sugar is 25 grams of sugar, the normal sweetness of the beverages, containing sugar is 50 grams. 50 grams of sugar and calories is 200 thousand calories, equivalent to half a bowl of Steamed Rice. Can provide energy only carbohydrates (starch and sugar), fat and protein of these three kinds of things. Meet the requirements of the zero energy drinks a lot, in addition to mineral water, a lot of unsweetened tea drinks, are zero energy. Because they have no sugar, no starch, no fat, protein content is very little. <strong> How much sugar drinks?</strong> High sugar content in beverages has been Tucao lot of friends, some netizens also posted some photos, they used to represent a bottle of sugar containing sugar drinks. With a weight of 4.5 grams of sugar, a jar of 355 ml of cola (country of origin in the United States) the sugar content is 39 grams, the equivalent of 8 dollars and a half a pot of sugar; 355 ml of Fanta (the country of origin of the United States) containing grape soda in the sugar is 48 grams, the equivalent of 10 half the sugar; a pot of 355 ml of Sprite (country of origin in the United States) the sugar content is 38 grams, less than 8 dollars and a half of sugar; a 500 ml bottle of jasmine tea (origin China) the sugar content is equal to 4 grams, half of sugar; a 450 ml bottle of strawberry fruit milk and (origin Chinese) the sugar content is 30 grams, equal to less than 7 pieces of sugar. That is to say, according to the American Heart Association (AHA) about 2 to 18 years old children's daily intake of sugar should not exceed 25 grams, drink half a can of Fanta sugar intake already exceed the standard. <strong> Advice</strong> The higher the ratio of energy accounted for NRV buy carefully It is understood that a beverage products accounted for NRV energy (NRV) ratio is higher, the more we should be careful to buy. On the contrary, the lower the energy drink, the less sugar, drink the same amount, cause fat and lower risk of chronic disease. At the same time, in the purchase of beverage to look at the nutritional ingredients is per 100 ml volume, or in accordance with a bottle (500 ml) or one (355 ml) to calculate the. Sometimes, the energy content of the (sugar) is too high, businesses will choose to do with nutritional ingredients containing 100 ml of value, which is low energy consumers tend to think less sugar, easily misleading. Reporter Li Huan Yu and camera J002 bfd coupler

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Women's day with a paper towel to wipe eyes suffering from keratitis susceptible to improper use of 4 kinds of disease

Life daily news September 27th life who also cannot do without paper towels, http://www.aopformwork.com a lot of people in the supermarket to buy a hand towel, wipe your mouth and hands, to use it. But in fact, paper towels have health knowledge, different types of paper, production process, quality standards, health standards are not the same, once used the wrong paper towels, but also brings a series of health problems. Recently, Ms. Wang who lives in Harbin A Cheng District, because of frequently used Kleenex to wipe out the makeup, suffering from keratitis, red eyes, thin eyelid also shedding multilayer transparent like glue. Eye makeup is spent on wipe girl suffering from keratitis Ms. Wang A Cheng, 26 years old this year, is responsible for the reception work in a public institution, love to work every day she can draw elaborate makeup. "False eyelashes, eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow, powder…… With more, will inevitably have a powder into eyes, almost every day, my eyes have gum mixed with makeup, sometimes wrapped eyelashes!" Ms. Wang said, when she will come up with paper towels wipe out, "if there is a powder stick in the eyelids grinding eyes, I will take the tissue paper to wipe the eyelids open." The white tissue paper looks very clean, Ms. Wang in the use of this did not care, until last week, Ms. Wang's eyes became red, the lower eyelid grow thin layers of transparent glue. Ms. Wang still habitually use tissues to wipe the eyelids, who know the film more long more clean, more serious eye disease. The 25 day, Ms. Wang to Harbin Medical University hospital ophthalmology hospital, the investigation, Ms. Wang got keratitis, is arch-criminal and looks white and clean facial tissue. Fitness has been half of female white-collar skin allergy wipes sweat Coincidentally, in a TV station in Harbin Development Zone Female Director Wen Wen, also because of health problems caused by improper use. "From the beginning of September, every day after work, I will go to the gym, sweating much more special, I used a wet wipe, neck, legs, arms, ah ah, get wet wipe. To the skin is good, I also bought the brand special baby wipes." After half a month, Wen Wen's neck began to grow fine red knots. "It seems not particularly red pimple is not big, also do not ache, but touched, dense, feeling there are thousands of packets." Wenwen said, then she went to the hospital department of dermatology in our hospital, the doctor said that she is skin allergy, do not frequent use wipes after contact with skin, "said the doctor wipes contains propylene glycol like component, will stimulate the skin, every day with easy skin allergies." Using the wrong tissue susceptible to 4 kinds of diseases should be how to choose the 4 points According to CCTV survey, the majority of wet wipes contain toxic additives of propylene glycol, benzalkonium chloride and other ingredients, for people with sensitive skin damage. Harbin Daoli District CDC staff to remind the public: wipe with a wet towel sensitive skin, can cause allergic contact dermatitis; long-term with a wet paper towel towel to get something to eat, will lead to toxic substances into the gastrointestinal tract, if the use of inferior toilet paper when the paper napkin, fluorescent brighteners and other toxic substances in paper residues. Can cause diarrhea, enteritis; poor quality toilet paper is not complete sterilization, wipe the eyes can cause keratitis, conjunctivitis and other eye diseases; in addition, because there are many recycled paper, if the disinfection process is not strict, with a lot of harmful bacteria, easily lead to the frequent use of female genital inflammation, pelvic inflammation and other gynecological diseases. How to choose good quality paper towels, a look at whether the packaging has standard number, production date, grading standards (quality, grade, quality). Two see the production of raw materials, the best original pulp, pure wood pulp may contain recycled pulp. Three see feel soft and delicate, hair, good toughness. Four see white, ivory white, natural white best. (Julie) lifting socket

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The introduction of Guangdong multi physician practice management

Xinhua news agency, lifting clutches Guangzhou, September 27, (reporter Xiao Sisi, Shen Anni) Guangdong Provincial Health Planning Commission announced the 27 "the Guangdong provincial health and Family Planning Commission of Guangdong Province on Administration of traditional Chinese medicine physician practice management measures", proposed the establishment of the province's physicians regional registration system, namely the doctor in a practice point of registration, the registration of the effective. Not only that, medical institutions can set full-time or part-time jobs, to establish a more flexible employment system. The management measures will take effect on October 1st. To clearly establish the registration system of regional physician. With more practice qualifications of physicians, the registration of the effective. The physician to fulfill the first place of practice medical institutions informed filing procedures can be carried out more practice. At the same time, measures requiring medical institutions to do a lot of practitioner information reporting, information multi physician practice by physicians intends to practice more other place of practice, through the "Guangdong province hospital management information system" website real-time reporting. For Hong Kong and Macao "physicians practicing certificate" or "short term practice of Taiwan physicians' short term practice certificate" in Guangdong Province, Hongkong, Macao Special Administrative Region and Taiwan region as long as the certificate of practicing physicians, in the period of validity, can carry out physicians in Guangdong province more practice, management mode and the mainland's consistent. Way clear requirements, the first place to practice medical institutions shall support the physician practice, to establish a system of full-time and part-time employment, improve physician job management. Set of full-time or part-time jobs in the medical institutions, the establishment of a more flexible employment system, let the doctor from "unit person" to "free man", arouse their enthusiasm of doctors. The way to clear the physician medical liability. The physician medical damage in other place of practice practice or by the occurrence of medical disputes, damages or disputes when dealing with the relevant laws and regulations about medical institutions and physicians according to. halfen channel

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