The plane read into the ash machine is a kind of dysarthria Minzui mouthwash can help children to practice pronunciation

Read the British film "the king's speech" of the people, may lead a fast Australians, prop nut impressive. The British king George VI, a stuttering ills, the name of Lannal Roger of Australia, in various ways, to help him win a stutter. Roger is a speech therapist. Recently, the children's Hospital Affiliated to Medical College of Zhejiang University to a group of American speech therapists. They are from the Department of pathology of the American language Rome Linda university teachers and students. "In children, all kinds of speech disorder occurred at a rate of about 3%~10%, great demand for speech therapy." Li Haifeng, deputy director of the Department of rehabilitation hospital of Zhejiang University, said that if the child has a speech impediment, as soon as possible must be corrected; before the age of 5 can not get timely correction, since it is very difficult, and may affect the child's psychological and thinking ability. The plane read "gray machine" This is a kind of dysarthria Children in Zhejiang hospital rehabilitation of the therapeutic room, Qianjiang Evening News reporter saw the 6 year old boy chen. "This is what vegetables? Spicy or not?" Chen Chen in front, put a pile of small pieces of wood painted with fruits and vegetables. "Green pepper, not spicy." "Red Xi, not spicy". CNR a recognition over, he is always not cacuminal, "L" sound is not good, so to speak, "the met" always omitted, "spicy" sound, also is not stable, sometimes clear and sometimes vague. Therapist Chen Lingfang told newspaper reporters the money, developmental disorders of speech, there are many types, such as stuttering, such as opening night, CNR, which belongs to the dysarthria. "Three and a half years old children should be able to send P, B, m, H phone, four and a half years old, K, J, F, D, five and a half years old T, R, l, s, SH, g." Chen Lingfang said, she met up, P and B points are not clear, l and G, l and f audio out. Some children, twitter quite speaks, but adults don't understand a word, there is probably dysarthria. Some people are cute, deliberately "aircraft" instead of "grey", in fact, this machine is a kind of dysarthria. Language therapy is a very time-consuming work, this time with the United States to peers, realize that Chen Lingfang is the biggest American counterparts, are willing to spend more time with their children to establish good communication, training with the side of the game while the way to help children. Li Haifeng, Department of speech pathology Zhejiang children hospital rehabilitation center in Rome and the U.S. Linda university cooperation, has been 3 years, in speech therapy, has been more and more in line with international standards. Mouthwash, Minzui, blowing scraps of paper Can help children to practice pronunciation Chen Lingfang said, K and g of the two sound, need to use the power of the tongue. "Now a lot of children opening night speech, slurred speech, and eat too fine, mouth muscles get training." The children of common dysarthria, she also introduced several simple methods of training. For example, m sound bad children lip weak. Clamp a piece of paper, good pull, can exercise the power of the lips. P is not the sound of the plosive, children can try to put a piece of paper in front, and then forced to blow the paper. Li Haifeng introduction, language development disorders related to many reasons, some of the vocal cords, tongue out of the question; some neurological diseases; there is a simple language retardation." He reminded parents, we must first clear reason, so as to carry out targeted rehabilitation treatment for babies. The reporter newspaper correspondent Ding Yingjuan Wang Xuefei ringlock scaffolding

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Too many good calcium supplement or blindly counterproductive

From Now more and more people have calcium. Some children born just a few days, lifting clutches parents in order to promote the growth and development of children has started to fill the bone, adjustable base jack all kinds of vitamins, calcium Cod Liver Oil products a lot, as if as long as calcium children can grow up healthy and disease-free without disaster; some of the old people in the hospital, but also brought back large bags of calcium, even some elderly people as the calcium supplement anti-aging taking supplements. But unexpectedly, such not only blindly calcium will not have a good effect, and some also counterproductive, have side effects greatly. The body of calcium in the body belongs to the trace elements, the demand is not large, the amount of calcium absorption is limited, is the need for a process, resulting in excessive calcium vitamin D poisoning cases are not uncommon in clinical practice. Because of the powerful offensive ads, many parents in the selection of calcium products, the purchase will be added vitamin D and calcium, which is likely to cause vitamin D poisoning. The child can't fill much calcium, the elderly will be a problem. In recent years, many manufacturers of products in production of calcium calcium market speculation, extreme expansion, previously only taking calcium products in calcium deficiency in children, now in the consumers of all ages in vogue. Moreover, calcium products are basically sold in the OTC store, consumers can easily without the doctor's advice is to take. According to the introduction, the body of the elderly and adolescents is very different, all functions are degraded, nutritional substances in the body The new supersedes the old. level is not the same, especially for a calcium bone has very big effect, whether the positive effect on the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis, depends entirely on the bone status. In the elderly with poor condition, some people with severe bone collagen, protein deficiency, calcium has not been possible to deposit to the bone, if still blindly, will only make a difficult deposition of calcium in the body should not walk, and deposited in the deposition, resulting in ectopic calcification, such as kidney stones the occurrence of disease. Patients with osteoporosis in the intake of calcium absorption will happen if not normal, the risk of hip fracture increased significantly. Some will cause fracture, ectopic calcification and other diseases, and even some kidney stones, arteriosclerosis and other diseases are associated with excessive calcium. swivel coupler

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1.8 meters men suffering from panic disorder often feeling of impending death

A height of 1.8 meters northeast man, precast concrete accessories not a person to stay in the unit in the office, on the way home to the back in the moment with wife's ass, "as timid as a mouse" with his tough image formed a strong contrast, what was he afraid of what? Is born or otherwise hidden? Recently, Qianjiang Evening News reporter met from the Northeast Han Yao in the seven hospital of Hangzhou city. He told reporters, in 2015 this year, he at home because of feeling flustered dyspnea, 10 call 120, but the last is near misses. Therefore, once the love of travel he dare not go out, even after work activities, but also try to control near the hospital, all day live in anxious and fearful, afraid of sudden onset of disease. Mr. Yao, 45 years old this year, is tall and mighty, the typical man in Northeast china. "At first, I am also a fearless person." Mr. Yao said, but after the accident happened from the beginning of last year, he was like a new man. That day, he just lying in bed, at 2 pm, he suddenly felt chest tightness, shortness of breath, sweating, feeling like dying, the whole family is very afraid of him is a heart attack, and quickly called 120 sent to hospital, the results rushed to the hospital, those dying symptoms have magical relieved, and the electrocardiogram, ultrasound examination no problem, will be the home. This strange experience, Mr. Yao though does not say, but the heart has been whispered, because he really experienced that feeling of impending death, why not check unexpectedly what problem? Finally, after two months, the feeling of impending death again, Mr. Yao also called the 120 hospital, the hospital is to recover for illness without medical help. This time, he is going to be inquisitive, volunteered to do a comprehensive physical examination, the conclusion is still healthy. Because many strange things happened, Mr. Yao more fear it. If one day of the attack, no one to help call 120? In case of a traffic jam, 120 can not timely hospital do? To this end, he did not dare when a person to stay in the office, on the way home, it is time to facilitate the adhesion of wife, hospital, placed a large house in the suburbs do not live, simply moved to the city center only more than and 40 flat old house. Until the beginning of this year, he bought a house in the Hangzhou University's daughter, must make a trip to do the relevant procedures, it was the courage to fly to Hangzhou, then there is an accident after the harvest. Because comprehensive physical examination showed Mr. Yao's body is healthy, so she suspected his sickness is a psychological problem, he took the father to try the seven hospital of Hangzhou City psychological interrogation. Unexpectedly, after a detailed understanding of the history of Mr. Yao, Luo Fugang admissions doctors understand what is going on. "This is a panic disorder is mental disease, heart palpitations, sweating, tremor and other autonomic symptoms with recurring significant, with a strong sense of dying or feeling out of control, fear unfortunatel consequences panic attacks as an acute anxiety disorder feature. At present, the research in the field of scientists is very active, interaction of life events stress and genetic susceptibility is the fundamental cause of adult panic disorder." Doctor Luo Fugang said. Panic disorder physical symptoms at the onset of actually does not need to worry about, usually for 10~30 minutes to disappear, but after repeated attacks of panic disorder, will bring anticipatory anxiety to the patient, as Mr Yao that day and some odd jittery behavior. Therefore, these patients are most in need of a small dose of anti anxiety medications to improve the mood, cognitive therapy also have a certain period of time to adjust the cognition, in order to reduce or even prevent the attack of panic disorder. Mr. Yao in an interview after the intervention has been more than half a year did not attack. In addition, Dr. Luo Fugang reminded everyone that panic disorder is not uncommon in the crowd Difficult miscellaneous diseases, the prevalence rate was as high as 3.7%, in fact, those who have recurrent hospital emergency but found no organic disease, it is highly suspected of panic disorder, it is necessary to find a professional psychological doctor consultation. Reporter Lina newspaper correspondent Xu Kang swift lift anchors

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Proper diet reduce the cancer risk of two major categories of cancer by dietary factors

The annual cancer deaths 1/3 associated with poor diet, more than 30 kinds of cancer resulting The digestive system cancer, lifting insert cancer associated with hormone levels, two types of cancer by dietary factor Medical guidance Director of general surgery, Guangdong No.2 People's Hospital, chief physician Xiang Guoan The Guangzhou Daily reporter He Xuehua correspondent Gao Long "A close mouth catches no flies." is true! Unhealthy lifestyle habits, can lead to high blood pressure, diabetes and other chronic diseases, in fact, unhealthy lifestyle especially improper diet more equivalent to cancer Zhetang "dangerous train with speed. Recently, news reports Dongguan's annual examination, but still got gastric cancer. According to the latest release of the "2014 National Cancer Registry Study China tumor disease spectrum", if calculated according to the average life expectancy of 74 years, the probability of cancer is 22% in one's life. The annual cancer deaths in 1/3 and bad eating habits, there are more than 30 kinds of cancer resulting. Can not avoid cancer more acquired lifestyle and habits. Medical experts pointed out that the greatest impact by dietary factors in cancer include two categories: one is the digestive system cancers, including esophageal cancer, gastric cancer, colon cancer; the other is associated with hormone levels in cancer, breast cancer, endometrial cancer, ovarian cancer and prostate cancer. It can be said that these cancers are likely related to diet and take control of the mouth, good diet, you can simply and effectively prevent cancer, reduce the risk of cancer for 40%. As many as 970 kinds of carcinogens, anti-cancer food is divided into four categories To the country said, how to avoid eating out cancer, should first know what food is high carcinogen. WHO under the international agency for research on cancer "dedicated to carcinogen classification research, which will be arranged into the" carcinogen list ", as of 2014, the list of the" carcinogen "has reached 970 kinds, 970 kinds of carcinogen induced cancer clearly present diet: tobacco, alcohol, aflatoxin Su, areca, Chinese salted fish. Know the substance is carcinogenic food, in the daily life to avoid as far as possible, can reduce cancer risk; at the same time, if more moderate anticancer foods in the diet, can be icing on the cake. Common anti-cancer foods are one hundred kinds, mainly divided into four categories. The first category is the fresh fruits and vegetables: onions, garlic, white food with cabbage and cauliflower represented with good anti-cancer effects, which contains antioxidants, vitamin C, carotenoids, flavonoids and other active ingredients have anti-cancer effect. Second kinds of bean products: tofu, Soybean Milk rich in isoflavones, often eat bean products can reduce breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer risk. The third is about 96% of the fungus: fungus has anti-cancer effect, such as mushroom, mushroom, agaric letinous edodes, rich in polysaccharides, can enhance human immunity, prevention of gastric cancer and lung cancer better. At present, letinous edodes polysaccharides have been used as anti-cancer drug for the treatment of cancer patients. Fourth is Green Tea: rich in polyphenols Green Tea, can be combined with the carcinogen, which is decomposed, inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Develop a 2~3 cup of Green Tea everyday habits can prevent gastric cancer, liver cancer and lung cancer, but must pay attention to tea, not too thick. Dietary factors may cause cancer Pickled two methyl nitrite food fish produced by in vivo can be transformed into two methyl amine carcinogens. Salted eggs, pickles and other also contain carcinogenic substances, should try to eat less. Barbecue food Roast Beef, Roasted Duck, Roasted Mutton, Roasted Goose, Roasted Suckling Pig, Mutton Cubes Roasted on a Skewer, because of containing strong carcinogens should not eat. Smoked foods such as bacon, smoked liver, smoked fish, smoked eggs, smoked tofu and other carcinogens including benzopyrene, often eat susceptibility to esophageal cancer and stomach cancer. Fried food fried coke, produce carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Coffee burned, benzopyrene will increase 20 times. Fried pancakes, Stinky tofu, fried taro angle, Deep-Fried Dough Sticks, because most is the repeated use of oil, will produce carcinogens under high temperature. Moldy food rice, wheat, beans, corn, peanuts and other food easy to damp mildew, mold contamination will produce carcinogenic factors of Aspergillus flavus in poisonous weeds. Leftover food overnight cooked cabbage and sauerkraut will produce nitrite, in the body will be transformed into amine carcinogens. Chewing areca is a cause of oral cancer. Ten anti-cancer diet principles 1 food diversification Food to plant-based foods should be accounted for more than 2/3 per meal, vegetable diet should contain fresh vegetables, fruits, beans and whole grains, the easiest way is the number of colors, one day enough to eat 5 to 7 kinds of colors of food is best. 2 control of food intake and body weight The Japanese study shows, always eating too full, will reduce the inhibition of cell carcinoma factor activity, increased the risk of cancer. Avoid overweight or underweight, adult body weight to limit the increase of not more than 5kg, western fast food, sugary drinks are typical of the small volume but high calorie food after eating, if not pay attention to exercise, easy to induce obesity. The clinical study showed that 33% of the cancer in obese people. Overweight or obese easily lead to the risk of endometrial cancer, kidney cancer, the risk of colorectal cancer increased. In addition, good eating habits are very important, if eating regular meals, overeating, eating too fast too hot, on esophageal and gastric injury is a stimulation, there is a certain relationship with esophageal and gastric cancer. 3 don't eat charred and smoked food Grilled fish, barbecue charred gravy should be avoided. Directly on the barbecue fire in the fish, meat and bacon consumed only occasionally. Smoked bacon and contains a large number of carcinogenic substances, such as 3-4 benzopyrene and aromatic ring. Frying, baking, burning temperature and repeated use of food cooking oil also contains such carcinogenic substances, should try to eat less. The best boiled, steamed, fried food. 4 eat more starchy foods 600~800g every day to eat a variety of grains, beans, plant roots, the less the better processing. To limit the intake of refined sugar. Food starch in the prevention of colon cancer and rectal cancer, high fiber diet may prevent colon cancer, colorectal cancer, breast cancer, pancreatic cancer. 5 eat more fruits and vegetables. 400g~800g to eat all kinds of vegetables and fruits every day, can make the risk of cancer declined 20%, eat 5 or more than 5 kinds of vegetables and fruits. 6 do not advocate drinking Alcohol itself is not carcinogenic, but liquor can stimulate the gastric mucosa, mucosa injury, promote the absorption of carcinogen, if drinking and smoking, the greater the harm. Because alcohol can enhance the permeability of cell membrane, thereby strengthening the carcinogenic substances in the smoke absorption. Such as regular drinking can increase the risk of oral cancer, throat cancer, esophageal cancer. Recommended drinking every day no more than a cup (the equivalent of 250ml 100ml 25ml beer, wine or liquor). 7 reduce intake of red meat Every day should be less than 90g, preferably with fish and poultry instead of red meat. Red meat will increase the incidence of colon and rectal cancer risk. At the same time to limit high fat diet, particularly animal fat intake, should choose appropriate vegetable oils (such as olive oil, etc.). 8 limit salt and spices Contains a lot of nitrite and two secondary amines in pickles, acidity or bacteria in the stomach is suitable under the effect of synthesis of nitrosamine compounds, the compounds are very powerful carcinogen. Limit the use of pickled food intake and control of salt and spices, high salt diet will increase the prevalence of gastric cancer. WHO recommended salt intake per person per day should be less than 6g. 9 do not eat too long or moldy food preservation Don't eat too long, may be affected by the preservation of food contaminated with mycotoxins at room temperature. In addition, daily life will often encounter moldy food, mildew is caused by pollution of mold, mold some toxigenic fungi, is a strong carcinogen, and certain foods produce large amounts of nitrite and amine two toxigenic fungi in action, after entering the body under certain conditions, and synthesis of nitrosamine compounds and carcinogens. 10 protect drinking water health Because the carcinogenic metal ions containing a variety of contaminated water in, so be sure to use normal tap water, well water use in rural areas. To remind security once the digestive system, chronic stomach pain, mild nausea, and appetite than usual after meals have reduced, abdominal distension feeling, should be timely to the hospital for examination and treatment, and actively carry out cancer prevention measures. Especially Recommend Foods that Fight Cancer According to the increasing importance of anti-cancer: muskmelon, Tong Artemisia, barley, potatoes and berries; Ai Ju, thyme, oats, mint, chives; aroma, cucumber; cruciferous (cabbage, broccoli stems); Solanaceae plants such as tomato, eggplant, pepper; whole wheat, flax, citrus, such as brown rice; orange, lemon, orange; tea, onions, carrots, celery; Jiang Huang; soybean, cabbage, garlic and ginger;. swivel coupler

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6 cicada fall belly guy lying in the hospital doctor: anaphylactic shock protein

The reporter newspaper correspondent Yao Lulu Li Zhuqing Cicadas, high nutrition, flavor, this year summer, it became a fashionable "venison". But in Ningbo, but few restaurants can enjoy, this can be really craving Ningbo chowhound some people specially care, relatives and friends from overseas to come back from early adopters, such as the Yinzhou District public zhang. Two days ago, he and a few friends get together to taste this table stunner, unexpectedly, cicadas didn't eat, Zhang was sent to the hospital, hospital of Zhejiang University, rash, vomiting, chest tightness, he was allergic to. Eat 6 cicadas He nearly lost his life Little more than and 30 year old, fat, eat delicacy. He had heard that if the cicadas fry it, very delicious, but Ningbo can not find work, busy and no time to travel, every time I think of it, he too greedy slobber. A few days ago, a friend came back from the field, know that he has been thinking about, especially with a bag of fried cicadas, crisp and tender. Zhang was very happy, in the evening, called a few friends together to share. The cicada has already been treated, bite down, lean meat, fragrant. Several people chat while eating, about twenty minutes, there are 6 cicadas into Zhang's stomach. Eat happy Zhang felt a little wrong, rash suddenly appeared on his face, then nausea and vomiting, accompanied by dizziness, chest tightness. Some friends will not be frightened, food poisoning? We rushed to Zhang sent to Minnesota hospital emergency department, arrived in the hospital, Zhang coma. The doctor found that his blood pressure drops, weak pulse, incontinence, systemic edema, sore throat appeared edema, asphyxia may at any time, the overall situation is very critical. Emergency physicians on-site diagnosis, Zhang protein anaphylactic shock, immediately to his anti allergy treatment, fortunately for treatment in a timely manner, half an hour later, his blood pressure and heart rate gradually returned to normal. Cicada is rich in protein People with allergies really have to be careful Good Zhang, how would suddenly appear protein anaphylactic shock? Minnesota University emergency department doctor Terry Chui learned to communicate with him, before Zhang seafood allergies. Terry Chui said, the protein content of cicadas is very rich, is known as the "king of protein in food", the allergic physique crowd these protein intake, the body's immune system may take them as intrusion pathogens, then releases a specific type of immunoglobulin E, and this combination of food, produce a lot of chemical the material, then the body will be an allergic reaction, such as skin irritation, vomiting, diarrhea, indigestion, headache, sore throat, asthma, there will be severe edema, shock and even death. Protein allergens in common, as well as seafood, soy, egg, milk and other protein rich food allergies often occur in allergic physique crowd, because the protein types in each kind of food is not the same, so people allergic to one or several of the allergy. "This kind of allergy and food intake amount little, even if ingested in small amounts, have caused severe allergy risk, so, once there are some food allergies, then to avoid further contact." Terry Chui said that at present there are thousands of allergens in nature, no history of allergies can not be too let down may be because, no exposure to allergens, once the food allergy, seek medical attention immediately, do not procrastinate. General allergies, if timely treatment, the doctor after emergency treatment, the symptoms will be faster, "grape seed, vitamin C and calcium tablet is called" the Three Musketeers allergy ', can correct allergies, allergic people can supplement." Recommended national nutritionist Liu Jianing. cuplock scaffolding

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The long face of the computer to "premature senility" ten psychological symptoms of exposure

The long face of the computer Easy psychological premature You are all most of the time in the face of the machine, ledger blade the lack of communication with people; slowly if you feel gradually lack of passion for life, lifting loop accept new things and adapt to the new environment weakened, lack of creativity and dedication; your life is simple and casual, it is difficult to bring interest; you become sensitive and suspicious, self-centered, jealous heart weight for some people, easy and trivial dispute, or because of his dislike of people and things and brood on. In fact, many white-collar workers will appear in these situations. For too long in the face of the computer operation, use more computer, are prone to a variety of mood disorders. Some experts pointed out that this so-called "psychological death (premature) with internet addiction have great relevance, where the two are interlinked. comprehensive <strong> The ten most common symptoms of "psychological senility"</strong> 1 slow reaction. Decreased ability to respond to emergencies. 2 jingshenbuzhen. Long feeling sleepy, sleepiness. 3 decline in innovation ability. Lack of motivation and courage of innovation, more and more feel powerless. 4 low efficiency. Things indecisive, lack of decisive. 5 excessive sensitivity. Unsure of himself, is always suspicious of the people and things around. 6 restless impatience. To face the problem, impatient, not listen to the views of others. 7 extremely low self-esteem. Always feel Nothing is right. 8 of family indifference. Don't care about other family members. 9 too sad. Indulge in memories of the past, always melancholy and moody. 10 self closed. In life, love is not willing to contact with strangers out of contact with anyone. The reasonable desire is life "energy agent" Often use the computer for a long time, really need to prevent premature aging psychology. First of all, the desire to maintain the right, have a happy attitude is the key. Secondly, with family and friends to contact, through face-to-face communication to promote feelings. In addition, to actively participate in physical exercise can greatly release psychological pressure, relieve fatigue. Exercise can improve the function of the central nervous system, improve the cerebral cortex excitability, process balance and flexibility. cast in sockets

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Easy to fall diet more white turnip cabbage can Bufei

Autumn diet more white Chinese medicine believes that the color of food related organs, formwork accessories the liver, the red green yellow into the heart, spleen, lung, white into black into the kidney, it is because the white food with Tonifying the lung function, so the appropriate choice of autumn white food is good for health. After rice and flour processing, is our staple food, such as rice (rice, rice) sweet, flat. The white food, there are a lot of flat or flat cool food, such as cauliflower, cabbage, white radish, lotus root, lotus seeds, white gourd, mushrooms, white kidney beans, tofu, white sesame, white peony root, Chinese yam, lily, tremella, milk etc.. These foods not only has its nutritional characteristics, but also rich in organic chemical sulfide, quercetin, catechin, phytic acid and other plants, with health care function for human body. Health Report scaffolding parts

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The 1 year old child rash symptoms: after cleaning powder clog pores

The newspaper news (reporter Shi Wei) recently, Ms. Xu to the 1 year old son Xuan Xuan from home back to Shijiazhuang. To change clothes when Ms. Xu Xuan Xuan, found the child chest, back and arm covered with prickly heat. She immediately for the child rub talcum powder, unexpectedly second days the child's symptoms more serious. This thought is the powder quality problems, medical treatment after that, the child is worse because of clogging the pores caused by talcum powder. 10 pm yesterday, the reporter in Ms. Xu at the Dongfeng Road rental room, saw the 1 year old boy Xuan xuan. Lift the child's clothes, I saw the child chest, back is a small red pimple dense. The neck of the prickly heat slightly lighter, but some have been scratching prickly heat. "Blame me!" Ms. Xu said with remorse, because the job is busy, she put the baby back to the Luquan home 3 months ago, gave her. May be because their house is wet, and the cleaning is not timely, cause the child to have prickly heat. A few days ago, Ms. Xu to pick up the kids stay back, give children change clothes when found covered with red pimple xuan. Ms. Xu immediately asked her husband to buy powder coated in children. The morning of the second day after getting up, Xuan Xuan has been irritable. Ms. Xu carefully observed children even serious prickly heat. Her guess is powder have quality problems, then angrily dialed phone manufacturers packaging complaints and claims. The staff advised her to seek medical treatment immediately, if the powder quality problems, they are willing to pay. "After examination, the doctor said Xuanxuan sicker because I improper operation, gave him some talcum powder." Ms. Xu said, that is their own reasons, she regret. "The child long prickly heat use powder will plug the pores, the longer the more serious prickly heat." The provincial hospital department of Dermatology director Chen Jiang said, because the prickly heat sweat ducts and occlusion, the sweat does not lead to increased pressure, local inflammation appeared after the rupture of sweat duct. Mainly divided into three kinds, red miliaria, white gum and purulent miliaria. The most common is the red prickly heat, as if the needle size, showing dense patches of red papules or papulovesicles, often make people uncomfortable itching, generally need anti-inflammatory Qu fei. While the white gum is as bright as crystal, blister like rash piece, is resistance to very weak people suddenly entered the thermal environment after. It is a long pimple like, is pus Fei, very rare. In general, if the prickly heat is not serious, can use Calamine Lotion antipruritics. If the situation is serious, skin infection or allergy, should follow the doctor's advice. Chen Jiang reminded the children after the rash, do not use too hot or too cold water bath, it will make the skin capillaries on the sudden contraction of the sweat glands hole closed, resulting in more serious prickly heat. lifting clutches

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Stocks biotech sector strong pharmaceutical giant M & a gun aimed at the field of cancer

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer announced the acquisition of 22 anticancer drug manufacturers $14 billion, causing the market for bio pharmaceutical industry mergers and acquisitions more conjecture. This boost, halfen frimeda stocks biotech sector sharply higher, the NASDAQ Biotechnology Index rose 2%. Since the end of June, with the market risk aversion, the plate rose more than 20%. Analysts believe that large pharmaceutical companies are seeking through mergers and acquisitions to promote revenue growth, especially to obtain a dominant position in the emerging field of treatment of cancer and rare diseases. The field of cancer or land acquisition 22, Pfizer announced $14 billion acquisition of U.S. anticancer drug maker Medivation, than the latter on Friday's closing price premium of 20%. Medivation is committed to innovative cancer therapies research and commercialization, the main products include prostate cancer drug Xtandi, breast cancer and leukemia drug Pidilizumab and drug Talazoparib. Pfizer acquisitions sparked concern, many analysts believe that the bio pharmaceutical industry will be more mergers and acquisitions, BioMarin pharmaceuticals, 100 Jian Addie (Biogen), Incyte, Clovis Oncology and Tesaro and other companies are a potential target for pharmaceutical manufacturers. Since large pharmaceutical companies are seeking through mergers and acquisitions to promote revenue growth, and hope to occupy the leading position in the emerging field of treatment of cancer and rare diseases. According to industry research data, the current anti-cancer drugs has become the largest market of pharmaceutical industry, the global annual sales of nearly $80 billion, and is still in more than 10% annual growth rate. Last year, Abbott has spent $21 billion acquisition of Biotech Corp Pharmacyclics anticancer drug Imbruvica leukemia, the latter have revenues of $820 million in the first half of this year. In the same year, celgene to $7 billion 200 million acquisition of the focus on inflammation and immune drugs pharmaceutical companies Receptos. Portfolio manager Steve Nicholas believes that biotechnology sector will continue to increase revenue, operating profit in the next three to five years the rate will be improved. Jeffrey securities analyst Horford said large biotech and pharmaceutical companies have a strong strategic plan, hope to introduce more through the acquisition of assets. Rebound is expected to continue Driven by the merger speculation, stocks biotech sector shares rose, the NASDAQ Biotechnology Index rose 22 to 2.2%, its biggest one-day gain since August 1st, some is regarded as a potential acquisition of the underlying stocks, especially the anti-cancer drug development enterprise gainers. Lead is mainly concerned with the genetic defect disease treatment of BioMarin pharmaceutical shares rose 6.7%, the current market value of $16 billion 700 million. Incyte shares rose 7.7%, the cancer drug Jakafi, the company's R & D has received regulatory approval, expects $831 million in sales this year, in addition to the Ariad pharmaceutical company established a Marketing Cooperative Extension leukemia drug. Tesaro shares rose 4.3%, the company announced in June this year, the experimental treatment of ovarian cancer drugs achieve the main goal in the final stage of the test, and the test results are better than expected, the stock price had doubled in a day. In fact since the British "off the European referendum since, as the market risk sentiment warming, stocks biotech sector has been active. Since June 27th, hitting lows so far, iShares NASDAQ biotechnology ETF has risen 22.5%, SPDR S & P biotechnology ETF rose 27.8%. The previous two years, stocks biotech sector performance called yiqijuechen. The NASDAQ Biotechnology Index rose sharply to 150% in 2013, rising 51% in 2014, the first half of 2015 increased 20%. But since last July, biotechnology sector continued to decline, the NASDAQ Biotechnology Index fell 25% compared with July last year highs this year's decline reached 12.5%. Analysts believe that in the past one year after the crash, the current valuation of biotechnology sector has been basically included in the risk of concern to investors, and the market for cancer immunotherapy and gene therapy and other new means of new drug research and development prospects. With the overall market is expected to rebound in risk sentiment warming, the plate may have further performance. Reporter Yang Bo fixing socket

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Mother every day as root was in primary school daughter

"When I was sick in the stomach, fixing socket why the doctor gave me an anti anxiety drug? Is it stomach has become a mental disease?" Yesterday, lifting insert a middle-aged woman from the pharmacy in a hospital in Hangzhou city after taking medicine, a medicine box on the rough description, instantly ignorant. Why to eat weibushufu psychotropic drugs? Qianjiang Evening News reporter found the deputy director of the Hangzhou Municipal Department of Gastroenterology Hospital Yang Jianfeng. "In our department of gastroenterology outpatient patients, 50% of patients are functional problems, of which 30% of the functional problems from emotional disorder, that is to say, 15% of the patients need to combine the use of psychotropic drugs in the treatment." Yang Jianfeng said. All kinds of reasons caused by emotional disorders in these patients, he roughly summed up, mainly divided into three categories: one is the family pressure, such as marital relationship, children's education; two is the working pressure; the three is not harmonious neighborhood relations. With such a woman, her throat often feel there is something in the way, but for daily life and is not affected by the. Because of this problem, she had to go to the Department of ENT, Department of respiratory medicine, digestive treatment, even once suspected that he is mi precursor, check a circle, did not find the cause, finally, she returned to the Department of Gastroenterology again. Yang Jianfeng asked in detail and found the crux of history. The original has a daughter of the female patients, on the third grade primary school, since she had the disease time, coinciding with the time as the daughter to go to school. Moreover, each time the daughter do homework procrastination, her throat suffocated and discomfort will be particularly evident, as she slowly calmed down, the symptoms will improve. So, Yang Jianfeng ate some anti anxiety medication she bothered her three years of problems finally disappeared. Yang Jianfeng said, these patients in addition to the various sources of stress in life, there is a common feature of personality, is too careful, too much attention to your body, a lot of people to see a doctor with a small piece of paper, the above differences, will record their daily solution out of the stool color day put a few fart, these people have a need to do psychological counseling. Reporter He Lina correspondent Zhang Yingying Lv Yuli cast in ferrules

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